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Events 2010

6 March 2010
CSL Internationale Spedition Sp. z o.o. has received the Gazela Biznesu prize

CSL Internationale Spedition Sp. z o.o. has received the Gazela Biznesu prize in the 10th edition of the annual contest for the most dynamic developing companies. Puls Biznesu, a Polish business monthly, has just confirmed our company’s participation in the 10th edition of the contest held by the elitarian Gazele Biznesu club (Gazelle of Business Club) which gathers the most dynamically developing Polish companies.

The aim of the ranking is to select the most dynamic companies which commenced their business activity before the year 2006. The ranking is governed by a strict set of rules: to be considered in the ranking, the companies could not have made any loss, must have reached the sales level of minimum PLN 3 million, yet not more than PLN 200 million, and, moreover, the volume of sales must have increased in the years 2006-2008 and relevant information must have been made available to the Puls Biznesu monthly. The crucial criterion is the increase in turnover, expressed in percentage, achieved over the last three years. Gazela Biznesu ranking has one more distinct feature: it is known for its flawless reputation and transparency.

18 January 2010
Szczecin-based company CSL has been granted a prestigious European certificate AEO.

AEO certificate, granted by the Customs Chamber to freight forwarders, importers and exporters, certifies that the company awarded the certificate is a reliable operator applying transparent procedures and dedicated to safety and security. The AEO certificate is valid throughout the European Union.

The AEO status entitles the operator to benefit from simplifications in the customs procedures and facilitation with regard to customs controls – the company is subject to fewer physical inspections and documentation controls and, in the case its consignment is selected for control, it will get a priority treatment. 'We can benefit, for example, from deferred customs fees and co-operation with a customs office is more partner-like', explains Laura Hołowacz. 'This certificate enables us to offer to our customers a much wider range of services. They may also feel confident that the employee handling their consignment is a true professional', says Laura Hołowacz, director of CSL Internationale Spedition.

Team work

It is not easy to get the certificate. First of all, the company must go through a three-year-long audit carried out by the Customs Office. It includes i.e. the procedures applied in the company, the way business records are kept, the company’s financial condition, the data protection and security procedures. An important factor affecting the receipt of the certificate is the company’s solvency. It is not easy to receive the certificate, which is why all CSL company’s departments had to be involved in the process. ‘Urszula Rogula, the AEO Project Manager, Andrzej Sulawiak, IT Manager, Mieczysław Góralski, Head of Customs Agency and Marketing, Zbigniew Baszanowski, legal adviser and the whole CSL team – they made our success in attaining the certificate possible’, says the company’s director.

Professional, top class staff

CSL Interantionale Spedition Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive freight forwarding services for all kinds of import, export and transit goods forwarded by land or sea. The company collaborates with freight forwarders in numerous countries and in main ports all over the world, which is why it can handle virtually any freight forwarding assignment. The forwarder comes up with customized offer related to comprehensive logistic services and has wide experience in managing a diversified supply chain. ‘The company’s biggest advantage is its highly qualified young staff, absolutely professional and dedicated to their job. Six employees hold FIATA certificates – International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations’, says Laura Hołowacz.

2010 – the year of containers

CSL Internationale Spedition Sp. z o.o. is associated in the Polish Chamber of Freight Forwarding and Logistics, the prestigious Business Centre Club and in the JGC Line – an international freight forwarders’ organization. The company holds the Quality Management System Certificate according to the norm ISO 9001:2008 and the Quality System Certificate ISO 9002. In 2008 CSL Internationale Spedition Sp. z o.o. was awarded the title of the Freight Forwarder 2008, whereas in 2009 it was awarded two more prizes: the Transparent Company 2009 certificate and the Forbes Diamond of 2009. ‘We end the year 2009 with results similar to the previous year and we are definitely ready for further growth. The global crisis was merciful to us. In 2010 we are planning to expand our container forwarding activity’, declares Laura Hołowacz.