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16 February 2015
From 16.02.2015 will change the address of CSL head office

Please be informed that from 16.02.2015 will change the address of CSL head office. New office will be placed on address:
CSL Internationale Spedition Sp. z o.o.
Tadeusza Wendy 14 str.
70-655 Szczecin
Please also be informed that to CSL new office will be moved Customs Agency from Chlodnia Szczecinska (Bytomska 7 str.). Please, from 16.02.2015 send all correspondence for new address.
Will also change the desk phone numbers, the list of new numbers can be found on our web side. Mobile phone numbers remain the same.

16 May 2012
CSL organized a meeting „Szczecin Pulp Days”

On 16 and 17 of May was held a meeting “Szczecin Pulp Days” of the pulp and paper producers, Custom Office, Revenue, Road Transport Inspection, terminals and logistic companies.

The meeting was opened by Mrs. Laura Hołowacz from CSL and Mr. Jacek Łoś from Arctic Paper Kostrzyn SA.

During the presentations the following topics were discussed: new customs procedures and the possibility of VAT tax accounting, responsibility of all road transport participants after the 1. January 2012. Terminals, ship broker and Rail Company have also presented their new possibilities. There was also an opportunity to review the current state and prospects of development of the Polish economy.

Attractions provided by the organizer including hydrofoil cruise gave guests an opportunity for private conversations and get to know the beautiful Szczecin and its surroundings.

The participants were interested of such meeting in the future. CSL would like to thank everyone for coming.

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5 December 2011
With the best wishes

2 December 2011
Christmas Meeting CSL Internationale Spedition at the end of 2011

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27 November 2011
CSL is the sponsor of the concert of Talents of Szczecin 2011

CSL is the sponsor of the 5th concert of Talents of Szczecin 2011, to be held in Szczecin Philharmonic on 27.11.2011 at 17:00. The main objective of the concert is to obtain the funds for the purchase of rehabilitation equipment that allows children with special needs to find their place among others.

The concert will consist of two parts. During the first part Jeremy Przybora and Jerzy Wasowski's songs will be performed. They are from Old Men's Cabaret. Whereas, in the second part, the Niccolo Paganini's violin concerto in D major op. 6 and the Peer Gynt Grieg's suite will be performed.

21 November 2011

The CSL company found itself in a prestigious group of FORBES' DIAMONDS 2012 in a competition organized by the Forbes monthly magazine. It is a ranking of Polish enterprises with the fastest growing their values in the last three years of their operation. It is worth noticing that this has been the third title for the CSL company which received it during the editions of 2012, 2011 and 2009.

Dun&Bradstreet prepares the ranking on the basis of the so-called Swiss method of companies values estimates, taking into account the financial results and assets. For the ranking companies that have submitted to the KRS their financial statements for the last year scruting were qualified. To estimate FORBES' DIAMONDS 2012 the data from the years 2008-2010 was used and it included e.g.:

  • the level of sales,
  • net profit,
  • the value of fixed assets,
  • receivables,
  • investments inputs.
The featured companies are grouped in the three lists of DIAMONDS, depending on the size of the turnover:
  • Large companies that in 2010 the last year of the scruting achieved sales revenue over 250
    mld PLN.
  • Medium companies with revenues between 50 and 250 mld PLN.
  • Small enterprises that achieved sales revenues between 5 and 50 mld PLN.
The full list of the companies awarded the title of FORBES' DIAMONDS 2012 will be published on 26 January 2012 in the special supplement to Forbes' monthly magazine.

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3 November 2011
Certificate D&B Poland for CSL

International business intelligence Dun&Bradstreet Poland Ltd. has awarded our company "Certificate of Business Credibility" for the highest rating of the stability of the company in 2010, according to D&B Poland. The receiving of this award certifies that the financial data of our company guarantees a very high level of liquidity, financial standing and profitability and the level of debt and registered overdue payments is marginal.

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1 July 2011
CSL Internationale Spedition is among the TOP 500

CSL Internationale Spedition is among the TOP 500 – i.e. 500 most economically effective logistics companies in POLAND. According to the ranking, based on the data for the year 2009 and prepared by POLSKA TRUCK & Business, we take the 220th position (with an annotation – continuous development).

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22 January 2011
CSL among the best

The biggest and very prestigious Business Centre Club, which comprises around two and a half thousand entrepreneurs and companies from all over the country, for the nineteenth time distinguished individuals and companies who have demonstrated special economic achievements as well as the observance of high ethical standards, rules of the merchants’ code and the ideas of corporate social responsibility.

On January 22nd, the Grand Gala of Polish Business took place at the Grand Theatre - National Opera in Warsaw, crowning last year’s Polish Business Leader competition. The jury qualified only one Szczecin company: CSL Internationale Spedition Ltd. together with its director and founder - Ms. Laura Hołowacz to an exclusive group of 22 entrepreneurs and companies nominated for the Golden Statuette of the Polish Business Leader 2010 of the Western region. This decision was preceded by a detailed audit of the company balance sheets in the last three years and evaluation of various aspects of its business, including non-business activities.

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